grand flagstone

Grand Flagstone

Decorative concrete is a versatile flooring option found in homes and businesses all over the world. Many spaces need a durable and inviting and decorative concrete is the best option you’ll find. Some spaces work better with simple coatings or stains, but certain areas need a more ornate design. Traditional Flagstone is a large stone
concrete sealing

Concrete Sealing

Sealing your concrete is incredibly important. By sealing your concrete, you’re protecting it from water, inclement weather, and other common hazards. Keeping your concrete sealed is an important part of keeping it functional and protected. Without proper sealing, your concrete will be left open to the same elements that soak into your concrete, freeze, and
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color flakes

Color Flakes

Concrete’s versatility is unmatched by any other base material. Part of what makes so versatile is its customization options. Stamps, stains, stenciled designs, and more, there are endless options when designing your concrete surface. Choosing the right flooring design all depends on what you’re looking to do with it. Some materials are better for function